Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Such a hectic weekend...but o the fun!

Had a very busy weekend. Friday was a torrent of water falling from the sky...all day...into the night... The husband and I had to make the trek to his aunts to borrow her 2 place trailer. The 25 mile drive takes roughly 40 minutes give or take on the average day depending on traffic and whether we do any stopping for fuel or food along the way. Friday night we left our farm house made it less than 2 miles down the road, just to get turned around due to flooding. By the time we got to his aunts it had been 2 hrs and we had de-toured over 6 times. Not much fun with a 3 month old and a big pick up let me tell you what.


Saturday we loaded up McCall's KL Crimson, aka Diamond, to go over to the Friends of Sanford Stud Farms open house to put her on display for the public. We arrived just before 9 am and stayed until just after 3. The event was supposed to run from 10-4 but poor weather contributed to a mediocre attendance and with the cold windy weather my brother, current president of the board, told us to pack it on up and head on home. For which we were monumentally grateful! 

The dearest of friends

After getting Di home we headed out to the other brother's fiance's family's farm to pick up a new bull calf he bought to add into the beef end of things. What a lovely calf...what a miserable trip! We got there to find no one at the barn or house, because they didn't know we didn't know where the calf was. Ended up a positive though as it was lovely to visit with both R, J and D as we hadn't seen any of them in some time. By the time we delivered the calf, got the trailer returned, and got back home it was nearly 11.

Sunday found us at the Schoharie Gas Up visiting with friends and their friends. The husband got to drive a tractor in the parade with our friend. He had a great deal of fun. What was supposed to be a few hours turned into an all day event. My whole body is burnt but with such a lovely fun day its hard to mind. 

Now its back to the weekly grind. Hubby is off driving tractor trailer, I'm seeing to the lovely Miss P's many needs and taking care of all our various livestock (chickens, horses etc) and we're already planning another wild weekend for this week!

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