Tuesday, July 01, 2014

As I Sit

Here at the table, coffee rapidly getting cold from the tepid it was when I poured it, I'm blasted by the reality my little girl is almost 4 months. Five days from it to be exact. How did the time fly by so fast? Peggy is already cutting teeth the poor little thing. Two big bright red lumps adorn her tiny gums. She's constantly chawing on hands and fingers, my shoulder when I'm burping her, whimpering and crying at the pain, drool spooling from her mouth faster than smoke from a diesel engine. 

For now though she is dozing. After waking at 2:30 and 5:45 to nurse she finally drifted off at around 8 to take a short nap. So I'm sipping my coffee slowly, enjoying the few moments of peace before she wakes again. She's a delightfully easy baby but right now I can't fix that which hurts her so its very hard on both of us.

Maybe when my own mom gets in she will watch her so I can go clean pony stalls :)


ellie k said...

Mis Peggy sure is a healthy looking baby, she must love her Mommys milk. When my grandchildren were babies and my daughter nursed them they were chubby cheeked and a bit rolly Poley. Her father in law told her she was just like a good fresh heifer and giving enough milk to make pretty babies, of course that was meant in a very good way as our daughter married into a family of farmers.

A. Montgomery said...

Poor Pretty Peggy is hurting. When she hurts, Mommie hurts. Love you both. Gram

lisa said...

I had a lovely day today, thanks for going and of course, I got to see my favorite baby girl! She is so precious!

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

If only we could tell her it will over soon. Poor little sweetie :(

Thanks for the Peggy fix :)