Tuesday, July 08, 2014

We're trying something

A little different here on the farm. For the first time I'm raising turkeys for our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. The hubby and I got 7 from my aunt and uncle over at Southview Farm. So 7 pretty little broad breasted bronze poults are currently gracing my small coop with the broody hen. Not necessarily the best option, as they will rapidly outgrow it. I did triple the size of the outdoor run, allowing them lots of fresh green grass and sunlight to grow in. 

Little bitty turkey dinners in the making :)

I'm hoping for this to be a yearly deal so next year I'd like to build some turkey and meat chicken tractors and allow them more yard. This will have a two fold benefit. One it will cut down on feed costs, and two it will cut down on the amount of lawn we have to mow on a regular basis. Win-win in my book! The turkey eggs my broody hen is setting are mixed heritage breeds. While they won't grow as large as the broad-breasted varieties, they are more sought by the hobby/small farmers in the area so I hope they can become the start of a small breeding flock for re-sale purposes. Time will tell.

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