Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Monday was our 2nd anniversary. His darling folks took us out to lunch at Moe's in Amsterdam on Sunday to celebrate. We love the food there, and I always end up with everyone else's fresh tortilla chips, yummy for me!

Yesterday was otherwise a pretty normal day. We got up early and went about doing chores. Jade gave me a hand cleaning out the brooder. Amazing how much faster 16 chicks muck it up compared to the dozen I had in there before. After that we turned Diamond out for her day of play in the pasture. Mom and I picked a bunch of icky blighted tomatoes and some gone to the bad side squash for my big coop of chickens. (Will just say some of those squash plants STUNK). The hens loved them, and though I took them down a 5 gallon pail that was nearly overflowing they squabbled over them like children given a single lollipop. 

I've also undertaken cleaning out my old closet here at the house. We really need some storage for Peg's extras, and I need to get clothes and such hung up and tidied away. I already hauled out 2 bags of old clothes to go to the Salvation Army and 2 plus bags of old school papers and the like which Lord only knows why I kept them. I still have more clothes and similar items to go through. Deciding what to keep for Peg as she grows and what to chuck out. It's a simple but boring process. O well.

And now off to get cracking on that :)


lisa said...

Happy Anniversary. I am always a day late and a dollar short ;-)

Paintsmh said...

Thanks Aunt Lisa, its all good, Mom thought it was a different day all together too :)