Sunday, September 07, 2014

Chickens and turkeys o my

Yesterday was spent running for chicken and turkey feeds, and cleaning the lower barn coop. My husband did most of the work, I mostly just used my apple picker to scoop up the loose refuse that was left after the big chunks of old rotted cow manure were taken out. Now they have a nice clean area with a nice layer of fluffy big chunk shavings. 

Also, we added in a second smaller feeder. The larger stand up one simply wasn't enough for all of the birds we have down there now. We took a rough head count and there are approximately 25 hens, 2 roosters, and 3 guinea fowl up in that coop. It's hard to get a great count as they move around so very much. The youngest hens look absolutely fantastic, and are growing at a wonderful rate. We figure they should start laying in another month or so, give or take a week. The husband is going to put a shop light up in the coop for me so they will get enough light as we go into winter to keep them laying through out the cold, dark months.

Today's goal is to get the upper coop cleaned again. Its amazing how much poop 9 young pullets can excrete in 3 weeks time. Now that my little guys are up there they still aren't using the roost at night. So the manure on the floor is increasing rapidly. We'll clean it and add a quarter bag of shavings so that they stay clean and dry. That should nicely last the next month to two now that there are just little baby keets, one baby turkey poult, 2 chicks and one old banny hen in there. 

Moving the turkeys to keep them clean and in grass is a constant thing. They are due for another move at around noon, having already been moved this morning at 7. Then this evening around 5 or 6 I'll move them to fresh clean grass once more and re-fill their water pan.  


I've come to really enjoy my daily chores, as it gives me a few minutes to be by myself in the peace and quiet outside of the house. There is just nothing quite like getting away from the craziness for a bit to recharge the batteries so to speak. 

 One of my lovely young Thanksgiving table bound turkeys

This young chick is a cross between Jade's big rooster and my white EE hen.

Laura is doing an excellent job teaching the young
brood of keets chicks and single turkey.

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lisa said...

They sure are growing!