Monday, October 13, 2014

Crazy busy weekend

The weekend was once again hectic and insane. Jade was off Friday, his awesome new job is 4 days a week. Never know until the schedule is up what day he will be off, but it is so fantastic to have him home for 3 days at a rip. We did our running on Friday for the most part. 

Saturday we went on a grocery run, got some jars of baby food, sandwich meat for him for the week, and other sundry items. In the afternoon Jade moved the big turkeys down by the old heifer barn for me. The grass up on the lawn was getting a bit over eaten by the buggers. They really can eat and eat and eat. The heifer barn yard is rich and lush with grass the hubby has been getting prepped for a horse paddock for next year. They can nom on that for a bit longer until it is time for them to visit the freezer. We also got all my lower coops cleaned and bedded with fresh shavings and hay for the month. The little chicks only get shavings as they have the heat lamp on them. The laying flock got a bag plus of fluffy bedding and nearly a whole bale of kind of meh hay. It really wasn't good enough for the horses, but perfect for stuffing nest boxes and adding to the scratch on the floor. Plus the hens love to pick through it and get out the tastiest bits. 

Now we have to get all the barns winterized. Jade's got the plow garden tractor ready to go so when it gets to be "that" time we can keep barns cleaned out and accessible. We still have to move the keets and Laura and her new beau down by the heifer barn. Jade doesn't want me hauling feed up any more icy hills than is absolutely necessary, so we are trying to get birds as close in together as we can. 

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