Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let the cold begin

I'm a girl and yes I'm earning my mash now.

Its not even really winter yet, and I'm already sick of it. Cold and bitter out while doing chores. The water is nearly always frozen. I have to break the ice on the top of the paddock trough every morning. Not sure how I'm going to keep it thawed and full this winter. 

We had my buddy of many years, Mike, bring us a pair of round bales. Nice 5x4's of mixed grass hay. The first one is out in the paddock now for the horses to have constant hay while they are out in the weather during the day. Some days no matter what is out there it will be just too nasty for them to be out. For now though they can each have a bit of time outside. 

Diamond got to go out this morning for an hour. She is such a ham when I turn her free. She bolts straight out across the front line, then goes into this bouncy floating trot that despite her diminutive size eats the ground like a race car. The second she sees the bale though she stops and just gobbles hay. Typical pony. Sunny on the other hand just meanders to the hay and starts eating. Typical big horse.

We're laying too!

The pullets are nearly all laying now. The white cochin that we had doubts about being a hen is indeed a hen. She is in the nest box nearly every morning when I go in. Its funny to go in and see this fluffy white puff in the box. Its really not easy to tell its a chicken. The first day I honestly thought my EE hen that is white had gone back to laying. However, when she greeted me at the door most enthusiastic for her feed I realized the pullet had gotten down to business. I love finding the brown pink and green-blue eggs every day. Some of them are no bigger than a joint on my thumb. So adorable...and still tasty.

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lisa said...

It sure is cold. I hate to think what the rest of the season will entail.