Monday, February 02, 2015

And in life

There is death. The brother of the husband's favorite uncle passed away yesterday. I didn't know him well, the brother that is, but the husband's uncle is a lovely man, and I greatly love him, I feel horrible for the family.

Here on the farm we had our own tragedy of a poultry sort. Elderly Lady Pea passed away in her sleep. She was a delightful old bird, but Mr died a few winters ago, and she was very much getting up there in birdie years. Still, while with livestock one expects to lose some every now and then, whether to illness or age, it is an unpleasant reality. Jade took her far up on the hill away from the barns, the ground is frozen solid so there was no way to bury her. 

Our reality of life the last few weeks has been altered also. Jade's grandfather, whom is a delightful man, underwent routine knee replacement surgery. He ended up in the ICU in an induced coma after suffering several heart attacks. A stressful week later he had open heart surgery. He is now slowly mending but is still in ICU. On the bright side they are slowly bringing him back to reality and we pray he will make a full recovery. 

In other news we are looking into incubators. I believe we will sometime this week, if the knee deep and rising snow fall ever abates, clean and rebed the turkey tractor and until we can build the new coop move the blue rooster and all the blue hens, my black mottled and the single white girl into it, build them a nice little nesting box for now, and start getting some eggs for it. I've learned not to get my hopes up with livestock, don't count your chickens before their hatched sort of thing, but I can't help but get excited for the springs babies!

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lisa said...

Prayers for Jade's grandfather!