Thursday, April 07, 2016

Babies babies babies!

Turken-Cochin cross

I finally got an incubator about a month ago, and promptly filled it with eggs. 

 A variety of eggs. 

I am still waiting for my turkeys to hatch, but otherwise pretty much everything is out. 

Out of the 41 eggs I set, 3 candled empty, replaced them with 3 D'Anver eggs which are developing nicely to hatch at the same time as the turkeys, an 4 of the remaining didn't hatch. All in all for my first run with my new investment I was quite happy with the results. 

I did sell a large number of the chicks. I am trying to improve my flock by buying in good, high quality eggs to hatch, so long term I need the space in my brooder, and don't need to add in the expense of rearing chicks I will simply sell later on. I did keep 5 chipmunk marked babies (feather footed I might add), a Turken-Cochin cross, and the two D'Anvers that hatched this round. I still have a couple of White Leghorn-Cochin crosses that I will take to the first swap and see if I can sell there. I have 2 older chicks too, that I am fairly certain are pullets. The one is a lovely EE-Wyandott cross and the other a Leghorn-Silkee. The LS I am planning to take and try and sell. I don't really have a use for ornamental crosses.

Enjoy the chick photos!

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