Saturday, January 14, 2006

Charleston Event-Go Round 1

The results of the first round of competition at Charleston were posted this morning, along with the draws for the second go and a listing of the bulls expected to buck in the short go. Trey Traweek won the first go with a 89.25 on Joe's Jacket. The young bull Andy Capp that I mentioned in a previous post took Bryan Richardson to a third place finish. In all, a total of eighteen men covered their bulls for the full eight second.

A few riders were notably absent from the event due to previously sustained injuries. One of these is Brazilian rider
Paulo Crimber. Crimber is out with a broken thumb on his riding hand that he got riding during the World Finals. He is one rider whose presence will truly be missed, not only for his superior riding ability, but also for the 'dance' he does with Flint Rasmussen after successful rides. Let's hope he makes it back into the arena soon.

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