Monday, January 16, 2006

Shivers Tops Three Million Mark

Chris Shivers is probably one of the best bull riders in the world even before one considers the number of records he has broken and his two time world champion status. This past weekend he succeeded in breaking another record, one he himself had set, becoming the first bull rider to top three million dollars in career earnings, and he is only 27 years old. Chris has won the last two Built Ford Tough Series events. If he can maintain the momentum he has gained and stay healthy and uninjured, he should have a very good chance of capturing an unprecedented third world title. He is currently sitting in the number one position. Shivers will face some tough competition, however, in the form of both the bulls he rides, and the other riders who would all like to take that gold buckle home.


NumberWise said...

I don't know anything about rodeos, but I think I'm learning! Well done -- I'm reading, with interest, about an unknown topic. And I loved your comparison with the hockey players!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see a young person writing a blog with a positive note. So many teen blogs I see are self centered, whining and full of foul language. Keep up the good work.

Paintsmh said...

Thanks. I appreciate the positive comments