Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Double Weekend

This is going to be a hard weekend for the riders in the PBR. They have not one, but two events, one on Friday, January 20th (Table Mountain Casino Invitational) in Fresno CA, and the other on Saturday and Sunday (PBR Sacramento Invitational) in Sacramento CA. The draws for the first round are up for Fresno. Some interesting match ups include Brazillian rider Ednei Caminhas against Flying U/ Moreno Bulls Carissa Plains, Mike Collins and Werewolf Snuff, and the Jack Simmons bull Hell Yeah will face veteran and former rookie of the year Luke Snyder. The short go should also be very interesting based on the bulls involved. The fifteen bulls involved are all worthy of their positions in this, the final pen. These bulls include Repeat, Kiss This, and Reindeer Dippin. Reindeer Dippin is one of the stars that Flying U/ Moreno Bulls has. Out a career total of twenty times, he has been ridden only twice, the last time by then rookie L.J. Jenkins for 93.0 points. This should be an exceptional single day event.

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