Sunday, January 22, 2006

Fresno CA

The Table Mountain Casino Invitational event is over. Eighteen year old Travis Briscoe came out on top, picking up 586.0 total points and moving him up into 12 place. Following Briscoe were several world champions and various other top notch riders, including the 'Ironman' J.W. Hart. Though Hart has been riding for 12 years and made it to every one of the World Finals, he has never managed to win the championship. However, should he manage to avoid serious sidelining injuries, with a current third place ranking in the points aggregate, he stands a chance of taking home the title. Hart earned his nickname (Ironman) when he set the record for most events competed in consecutively (197).

In all, twenty men covered at least one bull, and of the fifteen that made it back into the short-go, six rode, with Briscoe taking the high marked score of the night with a 89.75. Last years world champion
Justin McBride took tops in the first go round with a 88.75 on White Lightning. Injury data still isn't available.

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