Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lack of Posts

I appologize for my lack of posts recently. Here on our little dairy farm we have been calving out a very good portion of our milking herd, and the late night checks are starting to be felt. I should be able to post again regularly within about a week.

As for this last weekend's event, tragedy struck the season of Dusty LaBeth. He broke his femur after a bad fall from Vertical Limit, and will be out for around 6 months healing up. Colby Yates of Texas won the event with 265.0 on three out of four bulls. Luke Snyder picked up a few much needed rides for a 9th place finish overall. This moved Snyder up to a 26th place ranking and should keep him out of danger of being cut. Amazingly enough he is doing all of this with a broken leg. Rather peculiar that such an injury would lead to an increased ability to stay on bulls, but whatever works.

Injury Report
Current Standings

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