Sunday, June 25, 2006

Frieland Zander Foolish

Above is my April Fool's Day present from last year. Foolish was born two weeks late, at which point calves are often gigantic bulls. However, when I found her with her mother and took her to clean her up and put some iodine on her navel, I noticed she was a heifer. Quite a shock, but at least a pleasant one. She has a marking on her face which makes her look very comical and silly so she became Foolish, despite the fact that we generally name our calves starting with the first letter of their dam's name, meaning her name should have started with a 'W". I took Foolish to last year's Altamont fair where she went on to take second place in the Junior heifer class. I am hoping to take her back again this year. We are all in full summer swing. My dad and brother are doing the field work, mom is gardening, and I am getting the show stock ready to go. Foolish has already had baths, been lead around and around in circles, and had a 'body' clip. A body clip is basically using a set of clippers to take off all of the hair on the animals body from the back of the head to the rump, with some work done on the legs and underside of the belly. I thought about getting a preliminary clip done on her head, but wanted to leave her some facial protection from the flies and the sun. We'll just have to wait and see how she does in August. Hopefully all the work will pay off.

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