Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Moraes Tops Two Million in Earnings

Two Time World Champion Adriano Moraes has crossed another milestone. The 1994 and 2001 World Champion passed the Two million dollar mark, pushing him into third on the list of highest money earning bull riders of all time. This extraodinary cowboy is currently ranked second in this year's race for the title, putting him in position to win a third world title. If he does so, he will be well over the three million dollar mark, and might even be able to pass Chris Shivers, who sits at the top of the list of money winning bull riders.

Another pair of World Champions, Justin McBride, and Mike Lee are also getting ready to cross money earning land marks. McBride is rapidly approaching the three million dollar mark, while Lee is quickly closing in on two million. Lee is also ranked very well in this year's standings at third overall. Moraes and Lee are both trailing behind Brazilian Guilherme Marchi, Marchi leads Moraes be 598.0 points, and Lee by 1,063.5, amounts which can easily be made up in a single event. McBride sits in 13th overall at the moment, despite missing about 2 months worth of competition while awaiting the birth of his first child. He trailes Marchi by over three thousand points, but with a few good showings could make that up.

The race for the buckle in Vegas for the bull riders of the PBR's Built Ford Tough Series will continue this weekend (June 24-25) in Dallas, TX, at the Fritos Invitational. Draws for the first go round should be posted in the next few days .

Current Built Ford Tough Series Standings:

1. Guilherme Marchi
2. Adriano Moraes
3. Mike Lee
4. Sean Willingham
5. Chris Shivers
6. Jody Newberry
7. Brian Canter
8. Travis Briscoe
9. Wiley Peterson
10. Ross Coleman


threecollie said...

What amazes me is that these rodeo cowboys are such well-mannered pleasant men. Guess living with death keeps you humble. Good post.

Paintsmh said...

Thanks Mom. And I think their upbringing has something to do with it too.