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More From New York- Rounds One and Two

I'm really enjoying this, the PBR having the draw for rounds one and two up at the same time. It is giving me a ton of stuff to write about.

One of the up and coming young riders on tour is Colby Yates (Fort Worth, TX). Colby has drawn one of the veteran bulls in the business, Chief, from Davis/ White. With an average buckoff percentage under 50, Yates shouldn't (theoretically) have too much difficulty with this bull. However, Chief has allowed world champions like Owen Washburn and Adriano Moraes to take a free, no score taste of the arena's dirt floor. So we will all just have to wait and see what kind of trip these two put together. Chief tends to have scores around the mid-80's but has put up a few 90+ pointers. Probably not a go round winner, but sometimes it is the number of rides you can make in a weekend, not how high each one is individually. Colby has Hoochie Coo from Bad Company Rodeo Co. Inc. for round two. This is yet another new bull for this season (I need to come up with another way to say that).

Some of you will remember that in my semi-interview with Cord McCoy, he expressed an interest in being able to have a second shot at Here's Your Sign (Fronteir and Teague Bucking Bulls), the bull that bucked him off in round 4 of the World Finals back in late October. Well, the bull is present and accounted for at this weekend's event, where the big black bull will take on young Washington cowboy Shane Proctor. Here's Your Sign's last out resulted in a 93.0 score for none other than three time World Champion Adriano Moraes in the short go at the World Finals, and really helped give him those last few points that he needed to take the title. Unfortunately, for young Proctor, this bull is fast and bad. He's got a career buck off percentage over 60. But, if he does cover him, look for this ride to likely be up in the high eighties to low nineties, and possibly provide a first go round win. Maybe Cord will make it into the short go round, where this bull will likely be, and have another chance at him. For round two Proctor has a new bull from Berger Bucking Bulls, Bad Medicine. There is no way to know what this bull will provide in the way of a score, but they don't usually bring in bulls that will embarrass themselves at the PBR, so it should be a decent out.

One of last years Bull of the Year contenders, Scene of the Crash, is also present this weekend. Out of the pens of Fronteir/ Teague/ Ron White, he will do his best to put Weatherford, OK cowboy Corey Navarre in the dust before the whistle sounds. Scene of the Crash has only been ridden twice in nearly 40 career trips. In his fourteen outs last season he was completely unridden except for the Mossy Oak Shoot Out that Guilherme Marchi was able to ride him in. This could prove interesting, but if I had to place my bets, I'd be putting my money on the bull (sorry Corey). The second go round will give Corey a bull with a bit better ridding percentage (just shy of 60%). Youngblood (Chad Berger/ Clay Struve), has been covered 4 out of his 7 trips out of the chutes with an average ride score just over 84. (This is getting a bit freaky, but when I checked to see who had had this bull before, well, Cord has drawn him twice before). Should be a nice middle of the road style bull for Corey, guess I will go with him on this trip.

There were a lot of changes to the rider list at the very end of last season, and one rider who managed to climb back onto tour after getting bumped early in the 2006 season was Australian Brendon Clark. Brendon is not going to be having much fun in the first go round, as he has drawn Page & Teague/ Buck / Watts bull Night Moves. This is one case where I personally would be like the young dog Chance in the Incredible Journey movie and be going, after the run in with the porcupine, 'I don't want it, I don't want it", though Brendon is probably pretty excited about the draw. Night Moves has only been ridden 8 times in his three year career on the PBR, which is less than a quarter of the time. And even when they do ride him, he only once has put the rider up to a 90+ point ride. Not necessarily the greatest draw in the pen, but possibly better than one of the new, untried bulls. Brendon's second round bull is Cosmo from Sonny Williams. Cosmo gets ridden two thirds of the time for rides in the low eighties. Not a bad bull, but probably not a go round winner.

That's all I am going to post on the first and second go round draws. You can find out more by clicking over to the PRB at: PRB DRAW

I'll post either later tonight, or tomorrow morning to let you know how our favorite cowboys have faired against their bull counterparts.

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