Friday, January 05, 2007

More on This Weekend's Draw

I promised to put up another post on this weekend's draw, and so I shall. One rider who is back from nearly a year long hiatus is Cory Melton. Cory was bumped from the tour as a result of injuries before the start of last season, but managed to claw his way back up in time for the 2006 World Finals, where he managed to cover a few of his bulls. This weekend he will take on Holy Moly out of Page and Teague's pens in round one, and Bowtech's I-94 from John & Lacey Berger. Holy Moly is a bull that many PBR fans are very familiar with. He has been covered just 7 times in 33 outs. He has successfully bucked of each of his last ten riders, including reigning world champion Adriano Moraes, and former world champions Mike Lee, Cody Hart, and Ednei Caminhas. This bull will certainly be a handful for the 6 foot Louisiana cowboy.

2004 World Champion Mike Lee has also got an exciting pair of bulls this weekend. He has drawn Frontier and Teague Bucking Bulls Chain Reaction for round one, and Straight Jacket from Berger Bucking Bulls in round two. Chain Reaction is just a relatively new bull, with just seven outs, and two successful rides, one an 85.8 by Jason Bennett back in Greensboro, and the other by Greg Potter way way back in Dallas last year. Straight Jacket on the other hand is a young, brand new bull, making this a very exciting draw, in that there will be no real way to know exactly how he will perform, we will all just have to wait and see.

Another new bull is Haz Mat, who will face off with Jason Bennett in round one. Haz Mat is out of the Anchor Bull Company. Round two will pit Jason against yet another relatively new bull, Flack Jacket, this time out of Berger/ Bruce Bucking Bulls. Mike Lee topped this bull back in Oklahoma City last season for just shy of 85 points. At least Bennett will have had an opportunity to have seen some action from this individual.

Matt Bohon is another of the PBRs young stars. This weekend he will take on one of the older bulls in the first pen. Texas Jack, from Chad Berger and Larry Ryken is entering his third bucking season on the PBR, with a total of 20 career outs, with three successful rides. Round two will put Matt in the chute on another veteran bull, only this time it will be Fu Man Chu from Bo Davis. Fu Man Chu has been bucked 14 times, with two successful rides. Unfortunately for Matt, this bull isn't a very high scorer. The two rides only averaged out to just shy of 79 points. Not the bull you want if you hope to have a shot at a go round win.

Bad Company Rodeo is pitting one cowboy against two of their bulls this weekend. Young New Mexico cowboy Travis Briscoe will face Walk This Way in round one and Bad Company in round two. The 2000 lb Walk This Way has been ridden just one time in 15 career trips, and that was by former World Champion Justin McBride last year in Reading, PA. Bad Company is another near ton bull, but he has been covered four out of five trips for an average score just over 86. One of those rides was actually by Travis for 84.8 back in Chihuahua, Mexico, so he should know what to expect.

One draw that I am really excited about is Ross Coleman against Fronteir Rodeo Company's bull Crooked Tooth, who has been ridden just two times. This young bull has an average ride score just over 88, so depending on who stays up, this could provide a go round winning score. Lon go round two will put Coleman in the chute aboard El Lobo (Chad Berger/ Clay Struve). This bull has been topped 7 out of 13 trips with an average career score of around 85. If Coleman stays up for the eight it should give him a middle of the road score, probably decent enough to, with two successful trips, give him a shot at a place in the short go round.

One rematch in the first go round that should prove a very exciting watch will be Brian Canter against former Bull of the Year, Big Bucks. Canter drew Big Bucks at his very first event ( the 2005 World Finals), where he bucked off, which a very large number of riders have done on this animal. Only one successful ride has ever been made on him, and that was by Justin McBride for 93.0. If Canter stays up this should be one awesome score, and could provide an early high marked ride for the year. Canter has a new bull, Arkansas Jack, from Jeff Robinson
for round two.

That's all I really have time for now, but I will post again tomorrow morning.


Cubby said...

I'm excited about the event, and you mentioned my two favorite cowboys - Bohon and Briscoe. I really thought Matt would do better last year!

Paintsmh said...

I think Matt is competing very consistently. I've got a feeling he is going to do really well this year, course, I have been wrong before.