Saturday, January 20, 2007

Results From Fresno

The Table Mountain Casino Invitational Results are up. Four men, Mike White (1), Matt Bohon (2), Rocky McDonald (3), and Greg Potter (4), toped both of their bulls. It is way to cold by the computer to write up much, but my favorite thing for the event will probably be that Cord McCoy used the momentum he gained from doing so well in Denver to stay up aboard Kaycee Simpson's Red Alert for 87.5 and eighth overall for the night. Cord REALLY needed that ride. He hadn't stayed up on any of his bulls up until this weekend. Good job to all of the cowboys.


Cubby said...

Yeah Matt!

Paintsmh said...

Hey Cubby. I was pretty glad to see how well Matt and the rest of them did. I loved how fast he got down off of the center stage to get back behind the chutes after Mike passed him and took over first. So funny.

Anonymous said...

luke is riding better than ever... wonder how long it will last. (Next week) (cough)