Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sorry About All This

I apologize for the fact that I have been a bit lax on posting lately. I'm going to blame it on being back in school. Crazy. Anyways, last weekend, Justin McBride topped the leader board in Sacramento to win the weekend's second event. This jumped him up into fourth in the overall standings. Guilherme Marchi is still sitting in third. But there was a change at the very top of the standings. Mike Lee passed young JB Mauney to take over the lead. There's less than a two hundred point gap between the two, so we may see some leap frog being played in the coming weeks. Based on what as gone on so far, I think we may be in for one of the most exciting seasons on record. And, with just four events completed, and as many new bulls as have been filling the pen, we already have seven recorded 90+ point rides. Hard to say, but we may end up with a whole bunch of super rides, as the bull power and rider confidence will likely increase as the season continues. This weekend will be the Dale JR. PBR Clash, down in Charlotte, NC. Should prove to be a very exciting and engauging event.

About school. Have I ever mentioned that I don't particularly enjoy it? Not much fun. And my schedule is so screwed up this semester. The college cancled my BIO 300 course on parisitology. Which I really need because it satisfies the requirement for two 300-400 level liberal arts and science courses. I wanted them out of the way this semester. And parisitology won't be offered again until the spring of 2008, when I should be off campus doing my internship. So no go for me on that one. I still have ART 300, history of american art, but that is a really pointless class for me. Not my thing. On top of that, my ANSC 372, applied bovine reproduction, has had its lab moved from friday mornings, to wednesday evening. I don't do well with late classes as I am a huge morning person. I will likely be ready to crash by the time I get to class, and I was really hoping to have a good time with this one. See, I adore, absolutely adore, the professor. He is the coolest. And to make that even better, they (AKA the school) now wants to move our lecture to a 'smart' classroom on tuesdays, and a non smart one on thursdays, or the other way around. Without the computer for the teacher on one day, we will be in big trouble. Hard to use power point. Oh well. I suppose it could be worse. Most all of my classes are at least filled with some of my very closest friends. So that will at least liven things up a bit.


Hurricane Teen said...

hmmmm..."Applied Bovine Reproduction.

Paintsmh said...

It is definitely going to be interesting.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry it's so bad. at least you don't have psychology. although for you sociology is about the same thing. at least you don't have the crazed hippie man. plus no tisch did i spell that right?