Monday, March 05, 2007

Another New Calf, And Ice Cream?

No, the two are not directly related. But Saturday was a bit of a busy day. Consequence, a mid sized mostly black Holstein in my string had her calf, another Swain, mid Saturday afternoon, about 9 days early. At the same time, I was off at Brown Cow Ice Cream, doing a bit of a tour, with the Holcumb family, at their Guernsey dairy. Chris and his wife were so kind to help me and Amanda get everything we needed for our milk marketing project for school. They let us take pictures and ask about three million questions. And then, as the best part, not only did they give us some empty containers, business cards, and brochures to make our presentation great, they gave us a couple pints of ice cream to try. Now, I had already had a couple of flavors, but I have got to say I am developing a serious addiction to the peach flavor. Hope over to their Brown Cow Ice Cream website to check out all the delicious flavors and hours when they are open. For any out of state readers, should you ever get to upstate NY, I suggest that you try to stop in and buy a pint. This stuff is seriously out of this world. And Chris said that they try to add a new flavor every time they 'make up a batch', so there should be another new flavor or two by mid summer.

Back to our new bundle of joy, I think she is going to end up being named either CoolWhip, or Cracker. As Cracker was my suggestion I am sort of leaning towards that one. Either way she will end up being 'Frieland Sin ---'. If I can remember to take mom's camera to the barn tonight I will see about grabbing a photo.

On yet another bundle of joy, CONGRATULATIONS to Mr and Mrs Maxwell, my milk marketing professor and his wife, on their brand new baby girl!

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