Monday, March 05, 2007

The New Orleans Classics is in the Books

When all was said and done in New Orleans Sunday night, Justin McBride sat in first, with young JB Mauney just a few points behind. It gave McBride his third win for the season, and continued his and Mauney's battle for the lead. There is just less than 300 points seperating these two men, and despite how early it is in the season, this has already been an exciting race. Cord McCoy finished out the weekend in 8th after that first go round win. Two weekends of high finishes has pushed him up from the low thirties to 27th in points standings and 24th for money earned. Two of his family's bulls, Warlock, and the short go and very impressive bull Bells Blue, were also present. Silvanei Dias put up a 83.5 on Warlock, while Blue sent Wiley Peterson into the dirt before the eight later Sunday night. I personally think that if Blue can keep up the way he has been recently, he is going to have an honest shot at being a contender for the bull of the year title before too much more time goes by. He put McBride in the dirt back at the World Finals, so we know this animal can really perform. Our cowboys are going to head a bit north this coming weekend, when they will all head on up to Kansas City, MO for the Cabela's Classic. Here's to another good weekend for all of our favorites.

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