Monday, May 28, 2007

Hot Dang. What a Weekend This Is Gonna Be!

This coming weekend June 2 and 3, here at Vernon Downs in New York, there is going to be an Enterprise PBR event. Naturally I bought tickets, to both nights. After all, PBR doesn't come through up here too very often, so I go if I can. To say the least I have been looking forward to this more than pretty much anything. Rodeo, bull riding, and showing cows are my very favorite things in the world to either go to or participate in (no, I do not rodeo, but I do show cows). And if I get really lucky, I manage to get to a few rodeos every year. If not, well, that's what Versus is for.

To say the least, I was excited about this event even before tickets went on sale. I bought them not even knowing really who would be there. Though the same day I did find out 2 time World Champion Chris Shivers and the Mighty One Mike White were going to be competing. Not wanting to miss anyone competing, as I missed Guilherme Marchi and Paulo Crimber last year, I got a pair of tickets for each night, thinking I could take my Mom and we would both have some fun.

Well, Mom felt guilty her leaving for two nights. So we decided she and I would go one night, and I would find a friend to take along for the other day's competition. The friend I am going to have going with me is a city boy who has never been to a rodeo, or so he claims. I personally feel that, as his buddy, it is my responsibility to introduce him to the roughest and greatest eight seconds on dirt. And Mom is going Sunday.

I went on the event's website to get directions, just to make sure I wouldn't get us too lost. And noticed this little link "Rider Entries". Now what does this say to every one else? Because to me it said, heres some of the guys riding. And being my curious self, I clicked on it...

...And all I could think was "HOLY COW WHAT A WEEKEND"...or maybe that should be Holy Bull...

But any how. Right now some of the tenative guys include Dusty LaBeth, Travis Briscoe, Josh Koschel, Cory McFadden, former Rookie of the Year Kody Lostroh, Nick Landreneau, and that's just some from Saturday. Sunday is gonna, hopefully, have Jason Bennett, Mike Collins, Kyle Cudmore, Chad Denton (though him I doubt a bit as his wife just had a baby), Ross Johnson, Corey Navarre, Cory Melton, Tony Mendes, and so many more that it would take me quite a while to get through them all...and...are you ready for this...theoretically, my very favorite cowboy, Cord McCoy. Now that is just plain sweet.

I love watching these guys ride. I don't know how I am going to make it to Saturday. But I will try. And I promise to at least attempt to get some good pictures.

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