Sunday, May 27, 2007

Well, I Rescued my Cow

Hooter is now safely enclosed in the cow barn. The two cows who were being so awful to her are locked outside. And while I didn't love them before, I am very unfond of them at the moment. Oh well, cows will be cows. What I dont understand is what got into the two of them today. Hooter has been running with them for a long time, and we haven't had any problems before today. Yet the two older cows drove her over a pair of gates, and when we put her back in the pen before we realized exactly what was going on, they pushed her right back into the fence. At least the rest of the herd left her alone. The poor little thing was terrified when I pulled her in. I'm just hoping they didn't do any lasting damage to her or the baby she is carrying, as she is about 2 weeks from calving. For now though she will be kept seperate from the rest of the cows. We have an old round pen we used for training sheep, and she can spend her days in there for a while. Not as good as the main pasture, but better than nothing. What a day.

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