Saturday, May 05, 2007

I Went Totally Wild Today!

I did something I've been really wanting to do for quite some time...

I bought a camera...

A really lovely FujiFilm digital one. It can even do videos, and continuous photos (not really so sure what that one is, I think it just keeps taking pictures). Not sure how that works yet. Haven't managed to make it to that point in the owners manual yet. But lets just say that I finally figured out how to 'correctly' attach the strap. Which let me tell yah, with only pictures, wasn't that easy. Anyway it is a really nice camera. And I got some rechargable batteries, and a big 2GB memory card, and am going to have to get a case for it. We're gonna take a bunch of photos of Mandolin Rain when my folks get back from their excursion to get some parts for the torch so Dad can finish (hopefully) fixing the manure spreader, which is badly damaged. And caught on fire the other day (the baling twine wrapped around the beaters).

Anyway, I am so excited about my camera. After a really bad week, it was nice to have something good happen. I just hope it works as good as it should. Seeing as it is a pretty powerful beast of a machine.

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