Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pictures from the New Camera

Just a few of the first photos I took with the new camera.

Pretty Gold Finch that was at the very top of a tree.

Haha. Now that darned rooster cant get away before I get his picture taken!

Update: I would love to post some of the pictures we took of Mandolin Rain while I had her out on the back lawn this afternoon. However, as usual, blogger is being a pain right in the axx (who can guess who that one came from?), so its not gonna be happening today. Anyways, Mom did manage to get one up over at Northview Diary, go on and check it out. Apparently Mandy and I are now lawn ornaments.


Hurricane Teen said...

oooo he's a handsome rooster.

Paintsmh said...

Hey HT. Yeah, he is a very proud fellow, and really didn't like me trying to get pictures of him and his lady friends.