Monday, June 04, 2007

Finally, An Enterprise Event in New York!

This past weekend saw the PBR's Enterprise tour stopping over for a two night show in New York, at the Vernon Downs Raceway. The first night was filled with great rides, and some really nasty wrecks. The first guy out was KO'ed. And the blasted EMT's were too busy standing talking on their cell phones to help him. They were being called to come help out because the poor guy slammed his head right into the chute gate. Let's just say that isn't good, either for the cowboy or the EMT's because I got a feeling they are going to get their butts chewed out. Over all the weekend was pretty good. First night had a lot better scores. Second they seemed to be being very conservative with the points. I am pretty sure they ended up running out of reride bulls. Rides that normally would have made 80+ were only coming in 72 or 73 points. Plus it rained real hard Sunday, so we had to take cover up in the grandstands. And the darned maintanance crew closed the big windows, so some of my pictures are a little blurry. However, I took over 250 pics and videos. So I have got enough pictures and such to show you guys that it will likely take me through the rest of the year when things get going slow on the PBR.
Competitor wise, Kody Lostroh won Saturday and the weekend. Couple of New York and PA kids had some real strong showings. And Chris Shivers and Mike White both put in good nights. Dusty Labeth hurt his leg again, scoring a 67.5 in the short go Saturday after coming into the round in first with an 87.5. He turned down his re-ride option and was helped out, limping very badly. I'm hoping he didn't do too much damage, as I would really like to see him make it back up into the top 45. And poor Jason Bennett had a pretty awful start to his long go Sunday. I got some real good shots of that, which I will post sometime within the next couple of days.

I'm sorry, but I am just way too tired to get more than one set of pics up today. Between not getting home from the Saturday event until 12 midnight, getting up at five am on Sunday to milk, and coming home from the Sunday event and going out and helping finish chores, I was tired enough. But then, Becky came in to tell me that my Jersey two year old, you know, the one the other cows put through the fence, had a pair of feet sticking out of her rear. She wasn't doing a darn thing when we got home, but she managed to keep me up until almost midnight again, and then I was back up at five to check on her and the little baby girl she had.
Note: If any one knows a way to post video on here, please let me know, as I took actual videos of Cory Melton, Mike White, Tony Mendes and several others. Thanks.


Wil said...

You can post your video to YouTube or another service, then post the video here. Actually, I prefer Google video, as your Gmail / Blogger ID already provides you with an account ID.

There ARE stand-alone streaming viewers, but they require you to be hosting your own blog...

Paintsmh said...

Hey Wil, thanks, I will have to try that. And thanks for stopping over.