Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good News, Bad News, And Fair Work

Today was herd health day. Today is also hoof trimmer day and Mom's Farm Bureau Meeting day. At least it wasn't also tanker day. Herd health was this morning, with the hoof trimmer coming sometime this afternoon and then Mom's meeting is tonight. Yee Haw.

Anyways, for the good news bad news.

Bad news first. Lily, a lovely Hershel daughter of mine, who was bred way back in January, is not pregnant. Whoops. Blitz, Mandy's lovely daughter, seems to be pregnant, but on ultrasound also seems to be reabsorbing the calf. Bigger whoops, but if something is wrong with the calf, it will be better for her. Plus, Blitz is only just fifteen months, which is considered optimum time to breed heifers for their first calving. And Zinnia, Alan's old Lindy Fred daughter, was cystic on both ovaries. She was given a shot of GnRH to hopefully bring her around.

And for the good news. Volcano, aka 120, who is one of Dad's cows, is pregnant. She's the momma of our first red calf, and is bred back to a red bull named Kingdom. He's a September Storm son, out of a STBVQ Rubens daughter. So maybe we'll get lucky and get another heifer calf out of her. And Crunch, the tried to kill herself heifer from last winter, is safe in calf to Four of a Kind Eland. And Hazel, Heather's yearling Mecca daughter, is safe in calf to the bull from Alta Genetics, CGar.

Aaaannnndddd...wait for it...wait for it...Heather, who has been being so hard to breed, has finally settled. She's carrying a calf by Moment, the bull I used last year that netted me the two Jersey heifers this summer.

Another plus, all the fair health work is done. I entered for 8 animals, but only did the health papers for 7. Figured since I was only gonna take around four or so, doing the shots and such on eight was a bit extreme. But at least now that is one less thing to worry about for the show. I just need to finish training the younger animals to lead, get everybody clipped up, buy some straw for bedding and beet pulp for feed, truck them over, show and truck them home...oh...and I probably ought to try and have a good time while I'm at it.

32 days and counting...

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