Monday, July 09, 2007

Have I mentioned...

That I simply love to cook? I made breakfast for everybody here this morning. It was yummy. Sorry yah all had to miss it.

Corn Bread Muffins

Sausage from our own pigs.

Bran and Raisin muffins.

Scrambled Eggs.


nyvolfan said...

Looks Delicious!!!!

Paintsmh said...

Give me enough warning time the next time you are coming over, and I will cook you something tasty. Love yah big bro! Have a great time up in Maine. Take loads of pics, and make sure you share them with us. Miss you!

nyvolfan said...

Yeah I still need to show everyone the pics from last year. Have a great time at the Lake. I hope the weather is great for your week. Also I hope the fish are biting. Any word on why saratoga County fair is not having the pulls this year??? It looks like they replaced them with Monster Trucks. Yuck!!! Talk to you soon.

Paintsmh said...

My guess would be it has something to do with all the damage to the track. But I honestly don't know. And I am so totally with you. YUCK!! Then again, that probably doesn't begin to cover it. Least they are bringing the rodeo in. I may have to head up for at least one night of that.

And I will pass along your wishes for a good week at camp, as I haven't gone for more than an afternoon or two in years. Don't like leaving Dad with all that work for a week. Have a great time. And yeah, you do still need to show us those pics.

Love yahs.