Friday, July 20, 2007

Oh The Irony

For the last several months, I have been trying very desperatly to get semen on Semex proven stud Silky Cousteau. I wanted five units and my parents decided after I had ordered that they would also like five. See this bull kind of makes udders that are just that, SILKY, they tuck right up under the cow, so I want to use him on Mandy.

I then proceeded to attempt to contact the company. I sent multiple emails, all in an attempt to get the semen delivered to our farm. Some cows I wanted to use it on have already been serviced and are hopefully carrying calves, but to other bulls. My first email went out on April the 26th. I got a reply May 21st. Not a very good turn around time. I heard from our so called 'representative' the 22nd, and despite replying with all the information, to this day I have not heard back from him. I was to say the least getting very frustrated. One of the main cows I want to use this bull on is rapidly reaching the end of her voluntary waiting period.

So, as with me with frustration comes desperation, I was considering canceling the order altogether (I am not patient when it comes to handing my hard earned money to other people, they want it they better earn it!) and ordering it from a guy down in Pennsylvania who is like a semen broker and pulls in semen from all over the world to sell at below company prices very often.

Then, our feed rep brought a new man to the feed company through. He (the new fellow) told me an old family friend of ours, who quit over at the college as a result of certain individuals in the dairy barn, names to not be mentioned, was a new Semex guy, and could probably be made our rep if we wanted. Well HECK YES!! He will at least get us the semen. So on the 17th I sent them another email requesting that they put him on as our representative, cause dang it I want that semen. This very afternoon he pulled in to our driveway to check and make sure he was putting the order together right, drop me off some new stud books, and just check in and see how everything was going.

But here is the part with the irony. No it isn't that it only took three months just to get ten blasted units of semen. It is that in April when I originally ordered it, a single unit was $20.00. Not bad compared to the Blitz I have been using, he is valued around $30.00 or so the last time I looked. The irony is they never billed me because they never shipped it out.

WELL... Cousteau is now only $14.00, so we ended up saving, oh, say, $60.00 on a bull we were gonna buy no matter what. And though I kind of hate to say it, Semex is notorious for this. Wonder how much in sales they have lost over the years as a it is a pretty nice chunk of change. At least I should have my semen the first week of August. Whoo Hoo! Now I am excited. Ahh the possibilities.

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