Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pictures from Past Fairs

I know I have mentioned this before... but I have got one truly awesome older brother. See, recently he was apparently cleaning, and came across a bunch of photos he had taken of me and the rest of the family showing at Altamont. They're from 2005, when Mandy was a two year old. It is kind of creepy, the one picture I mean. It is nearly identical to one he took last summer of Mandy and me. I've got to admit I am thrilled to have them, because the ones we took didn't come out half as good. Thanks big bro, can't wait to see you at this year's fair (and no, we don't need you to show, so you are safe, no need to wear sandals like you threatened last summer)!!

Senior Two Year Old Class

On another note, I got a letter from the college yesterday. I have apparently received the SMART grant again. Which is kind a Christmas in July kind of thing. Makes me very much less stressed, because books for 21 credit hours don't come cheap.

Senior Showmanship


Cubby said...

Congrats on your cash!

Paintsmh said...

Thanks Cubby. It was a very nice surprise.