Friday, August 10, 2007

Oh Man, Is It Really Time Already?

Unfortunatly, I can say, with a fair amount of certainty, that yes, it is that time again...

Show time that is. I have my decorations for above the cows all set up and ready to go. We (Alan and I) just need to take them over and put them up against our stall fronts. This year we are going to be tied with some very long time friends, and totally awesome people, so we should, from that perspective at any rate, have some fun. Then Sunday we are taking the straw hay and feed (some of which, the beet pulp, I am going to get as soon as Daddy dearest returns with my pickup) in the morning, with the two heifers, Blink and Blitz, as a second run in the afternoon. Then Monday morning, as soon as milking is done and we've all eaten our breakfast, Mandy and Lemonade, will head over. Then Tuesday morning the fair officially opens to the public. I am excited, and yet at the same time am totally dreading the whole thing. If they give us the grief they have the last few years it will be awful, specially since I really don't like fighting with people.

Anyways, I will probably not be on for most of the next 7-10 days. I'll be kind of busy. I generally head over around 4 am, and head back home around 9, 9:30 pm, so most of the day is spent sitting by my cows, this year probably mostly with my feet propped up on a hay or straw bale. I promise to give updates on the goings on over there, and I will catch up with everybody afterwards.



nyvolfan said...

Best of Luck!!!! I'll see ya Thur.!!!!

Paintsmh said...

All RIGHT!! We're gonna hold you to that. Can't wait to see yah favorite big brother of mine!

And Alan, you know, that tall blonde thing that lives here, says hi.