Sunday, August 12, 2007

Over Head...

Dad, Alan, Becky and I went over today to get my straw and hay into the fair, set up the stall signs, and do up the beds for the cows. It only took about an hour to get everything in and set up. We made up some good long beds, so that the cows will have plenty of room this year. And if I do say so myself the over heads for the cows look pretty nice. If I had known I would have so much space this year I would have made up a second set of lattice for over top, but not knowing there was no way I could. Oh well. Next year.

The whole stall top.

Me, trying to figure out which signs still need to be straightened.

The farm sign Mom painted many years ago. Sorry, it was kind of glary in the barn, so it didn't come out so good.

An example of my animal's individual signs.


nyvolfan said...

Looks Great!!!!

Paintsmh said...

Thanks big brother. Glad you like it!

Cubby said...

That does look great! Very impressive work!