Sunday, August 05, 2007

What I have been and will continue to be up to...

All wet and soapy.

Clean, but real wet.

Washing cows.

Clipping cows.

Just generally getting ready for the fair. Which is now in about a week. We're gonna truck in the animals over Sunday and Monday (this coming, not today and tomorrow), then the whole thing gets started Tuesday August 14.

The calf here is Frieland Chilt Blink. She is the 'baby' of this year's string, though she is going to be a year on the fifth of next month. We're fairly fond of her, and while she is big for our herd it will be interesting to see how she stacks up against the competition. She is so far the only animal totally ready to go. I finished clipping her Saturday. I have to keep leading her, as she is one animal that does not do well when one leaves her and is not constantly reinforcing her manners lessons. I now just have Blitz, her Momma Mandy, and a two year old of Becky's, Lemonade, which I have been showing for the last several years. Fortunately for me, Blitz just needs her top line and face clipped, as I did all the rest of her on Thursday. I just didn't have everything I needed at the time to do her face and top up right. And Mandy and Lemmie wont need too much real effort, as they are past the age where top lines do much good. My theory is to have all the clipping done by Thursday, so I can do my 'put together' stuff, and be hopefully completely ready to go Saturday, because I'll need to go over and set up my display and such.

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