Monday, July 30, 2007

It's that time of year again...Apparently at any rate

The time of year I speak of is the up-start of a new school year. Becky and I have less than a month before college will get kick started again. She is already really anxious about the schedules we set up back in April, when they will arrive, will they be correct, that sort of thing. As a seasoned veteran of college screw-ups, particularly our college, which in my first year could not seem to figure out that I as not living on campus, I have reached the knowledge that one should enjoy what summer they have left, and worry after the schedule gets here. Especially since when I called last week to try and drop a class they were refusing to make any more changes, after promising me after all the BS they gave me in the spring because my course requirements were down and not functioning that I would be able to fix anything right up until classes started back up, yeah, right. I am honestly only looking forward to this semester for two reasons, 1. I really miss some of my buds, and 2. it is my last one then I do an internship in the 'spring' (AKA Jan-Apr). Ahh to be finished.


Cubby said...

Light at the end of the tunnel is visible!

Paintsmh said...

Hey Cubby. Yes, it is a wonderful site too!