Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crazy Schedule...

...For classes that is. I am going to be seeing a lot of the state this week. Today my dairy herd seminar class is heading to our case study farm. Which the prof, JT, is the only one to know whose place it is. I am still leaning towards the farm a buddy of mine and I thought of, but JT said no, with a funny look on his face. Ah well, doesn't much matter either way.

Then tomorrow I have to do my National Animal Identification System (NAIS) presentation in technical communications class. It was supposed to be yesterday, but due to circumstances beyond the professor's control we had a cancled class, so now I get to go tomorrow, when I was already and rearing to go on Tuesday. I guess I will survive.

And then there are the next two weeks, which are going to be chaos. Monday I have an ag credit test, which has got me a bit worried, as that class is complicated beyond belief, and Brandon and I are going to get his Halloween costume. Apparently my dear friend wants to go as a Navy officer or something similar (no idea where were gonna fill that order, but my Grams might). Then Tuesday my ag policy class is going to Albany to visit the capital buildings and such. Full day trip which will require I miss a few classes, not so good from my stand point, but I guess I will just have to deal with it. On Wednesday we are heading back to the case study farm for herd seminar to revisit it and get any more information we need. Thursday will find me, theoretically, in Syracuse (NY not my calf) at the New York Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Discussion Meet and Round Robin, say that five times fast. And I guess I am actually competing, that should be interesting. Particularly seeing as I got the questions a week ago and others had them in January, yeah for me. Then Friday should be blessedly peaceful as I just have to have Becky over here for a couple classes.

And then on to week three. Monday is no big deal as yet. Tuesday my AI Stud Study Overview project is due, it's a group thing so it shouldn't be bad. Then Wednesday, have I mentioned I don't like Wednesday? Dairy Herd Seminar is heading out to Syracuse for the Professional Heifer Growers Association Conference. We leave campus at 6:00 am. No big but I have to figure out how I am going to milk first, somebody has to get Becky to campus (prolly Mommy) at a reasonable hour, and I have to explain to professors why I am missing class. Which should be interesting what with I am missing a full week of classes for the Albany trip and Syracuse Farm Bureau thing. All in all I may be going to lose what little mind I have left. Who wants to join me?

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