Saturday, October 27, 2007

Well I finally Did It

Bought a new phone that is. My old one was dying, fairly rapidly too. Brandon would call or text me, and I'd get nothin'...and I do mean nothin'. No missed call, no message, no notifiaction of a call received what-so-ever. And it was getting frustrating. We'd be trying to set up going to lunch, or getting together to study or some such thing, and he wouldn't be able to get ahold of me. And I was having trouble calling out from it too. Try to call home to Mom to ask if she wanted milk or just talk to her, and I couldn't.

So I contacted Verizon to find out if it was possible to keep my plan and get a new phone.

Yup, it was.

And I could go to my local Wal-Mart and pick it up. Just call them from a land phone when I got home and they'd get my new cell set up on my old plan. Yeah.

Which lead to the 'Go To Wal-Mart, Get Phone (And Dog Food)' Trip yesterday. I went down to school to hang out with Brandon, and when he went to class, I headed up to the Wal-Mart. Picked out and bought my phone (and a big 50lb bag of Pedigree dog food, so the doggies wouldn't hate me) and headed home. Took awhile to get the phone set up on my plan, as I am a techno-dumbie and couldn't find the number the poor lady at Verizon needed. But eventually all was well, and I have a WORKING phone. I am very happy. Now I can actually call people without wondering if my phone is going to work, at least most of the time!

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