Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm A Bit Behind

Well, the 2007 BFTS has been over for a few weeks now. However, I have been feeling much too lazy to do a 'report' on them. That, and the showings were on so late that I only ever caught a few rides. So just a quick breakdown. The World Championship buckle came down to whether or not Justin McBride could cover the bull Camo, the same as it had when he won his first title in 2005. This time though, he had to be better than 90.00 points. He, as so many figured he would, did indeed manage it, effectively snagging his second World Title. He's going to have surgery now on his injured shoulder, likely sitting out 6-8 months. With the season being again lengthened he may still stand a chance next year.

Here's to a 2008 season as exciting as 2007 was.

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