Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ahh Aint Life Grand?

Or perhaps not so much. The laptop I bought mid October had to go in to be serviced, as it is having issues. More on that after I get it back, if I ever get it back.

This post is more on some fun Mom and I had while driving ole laptop back to the store. We went the same way that the family friend who took me the first time to get the computer had. As we were going along, I wasn't entirely sure I was on the right road. The last time there had been cows out at one place, and it had been green, not snow covered.

Then we came to the turn. Ahh I said, definitely picked the right one. Those Herefords are as ugly as ever. Mom laughed pretty hard, and said "You know you're a farmer when you identify the right road by the cows in the pastures."

Well, in my case you definitely do. I remember where herds of cows are, as opposed to road names and numbers. Heck, I can't remember the names and numbers to the roads I take to school, and I've driven them twice a day at least for the better part of the year, for four years. And yet after only going down this road once, I knew right where I was, because there were a handful of Herfords, a few Angus, and a couple white faced blackies in a paddock. I think I could probably manage to get back to Ebensburg Pennsylvania without the map now because there were so many farms, and I can look back and remember which ones I turned next to,

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