Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dickies American Worker of the Year Event

This last weekends event found Mike Lee sitting in the top spot and the only man to ride all three of his bulls. His pick for the championship round was Mr. Zantrex (D&H Cattle Company), who he successfully covered for 89.75, adding on to his two previous scores of 87.50 in round two on Handsome Jack (Herbert Bucking Bulls), and his round one of 85.50 on Hillstreet (Boyd/Floyd Bull Company).

Following him was Brendon Clark who had the high marked ride of the weekend (92.00) on Gnash. He came into the championship round in 15th position. As the final round for the weekend was a "draw" round where the cowboys, starting with the man leading the event, get to pick which bull they want. As the bottom man on the totem pole Clark got the "leftovers" in Gnash of Rafter 7R Bucking Bulls. He covered him with ease. Putting that score together with his 88.25 from the second go on Rush of Radke Bucking Bulls, he managed to out score the two time World Champion Chris Shivers by .75 points. Shivers covered Cadillac Man (Double R Bucking Bulls) (video) in round two for a 90.00 and Zorro (Lufkin Ranch and Rodeo) in the short go.

Rounding out the top five were Mighty Mike White and Renato Nunes. White covered Wild Life (Boyd/Floyd Bull Company) in round one for a 90.75 and Scary Deal (Diamond S Bucking Bulls) in the second go for 88.25. Nunes made short work of Hellfire (87.25, #10 Bucking Bulls), and Little Bo (88.50, 4C's/Sills/Barker).

My two favorite riders, Kody Lostroh and Cord McCoy both managed to cover one bull a piece. Kody stayed up in the second go round aboard Smokin' Liz of Davis/Wilson/DX3 for 82.00. Kody is still sitting second in the World standings behind Guilherme Marchi who also covered only one bull, Derringer (Lufkin Ranch and Rodeo/ K&K Cattle, video) for 89.00. He then came down off of Spit Fire from C&G Rodeo Livestock, LLC. Cord got his ride out of the way early on in the weekend, covering Clown Attack from Martinez Bucking Bull, LLC for an 87.50 in round one.

But the biggest news of the weekend wasn't Guilherme's lack of rides. Or Lee's win. Or that the people trailing Marchi were unable to really fully capitalize on his lack of riding this weekend (which is exceptionally rare, he's covered over 60% of all his bulls). It was the return of last years World Champion Justin McBride, who has been out all season with surgery on his injured shoulder. He put up some awesome rides to finish seventh for the weekend, covering Fish Creek Bandit (Diamond K Bucking Bulls), and Jefe (Boyd/Floyd/Teague Bucking Bulls) for a combined score of 174.50.

IN other news...the PBR Enterprise tour has an event in Syracuse NY in August on the 9th and 10th. I'll be going the 10th. Get tickets now. It's being held at the State Fair grounds. Mike Lee is the feature rider the 9th, and one of my fav's Kody Lostroh is the feature guy for the 10th. Hope to see everyone there.

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