Sunday, June 01, 2008

I'm done!!!

I'm done. Officially that is! My internship is over! I am home...

So naturally today River decided to have her new bull calf in the very bottom of the ravine at the steepest part. And I went out to check her myself, so I had to carry the calf up, as she kept trying to get him out herself, and he wasn't big or strong enough to climb the crumbly bank. Which resulted in her constantly scrambling back down in to try and get him again. Which lead to her falling on her head more than once. I finally just scooped him up and scuttled up myself. It was interesting. I wish someone had been there with a camera. I had him under one arm and was balancing myself by grabbing small trees with my hand to try and keep from pitching over backwards (it was a long drop). We finally made it up and I slipped back down in to push Riv's up and out. Which was interesting as she was fairly determined her little baby boy was still down there. Eventually she figured it out and all was well when I left them. They had joined up with the other drys and heifers. All of whom though junior was the greatest thing they'd seen in ages. I think they will be fine until we bring them down at milking time.

But anyways now I am back. And hopefully I'll have enough time to not be constantly neglecting my blogs!


Anonymous said...

People are never where you want them to be when you want them to be where they should be. Never. It's just by coincidence that they happen to be standing by waiting for something interesting to go by that they happen to be there. This is exactly what happened when I went on a nice hike up in the hills today and missed a hidden lake surrounded by reeds with a pair of horses splashing at the western side like they were kids. Where was my camera? At home. Of course. Congrats on the internship. That's a ton of hours. How is Dalkeith?

threecollie said...

Yay!!!! Home!!! Best word I know...or at least a close second after "food".