Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mr Fluff....My Pet Rooster

Mr Fluff


The Wife said...

Mr. Fluff has quite the cock a doodle doo on him! Thanks for stoppin' by and checkin' me out. Yes, we raise bucking bulls. My hubby is a retired bullrider. Our life has revolved around bullriding for over 13 years (that's how long we've been together.) I've been fortunate enough to meet some of the greats thru my husband.

Love the name of this blog! Come back and visit anytime!

Paintsmh said...

Hi. Yes he does. He is only I think about 6 months old. But I would have to check. I can't quite remember when I got him.

And ohh bucking bulls. Bull riding...sighhh. How far away is summer and rodeo season? I know PBR just started back up but they aren't coming close enough for me to go. I love meeting the riders. I have yet to meet any other athlete that is as kind and appreciative of their fans on the whole as the bull riders and other rodeo men and women.

You'll have to tell my mom, she named it for me.

And TRUST me I will.