Friday, February 20, 2009

Anaheim Califonia Event

This weekend will cover two events in two states. First out in Anaheim California at the Anaheim Invitational. Followed by a single day event in Glendale Arizona, ironically the Glendale Invitational (I personally think someone needs to work on the names for these events!).

The two nights of action in California promises to be exciting. Last weekends winner was Ednei Caminhas, which I have to say it is about time he got something ridden! I am not one to be unpleasant about any rider, but Caminhas was starting to peeve me, as he just couldn't seem to stay on anything. He fixed that last weekend covering 4 of 4 for the win. Tonight he will take on Corey and Horst Rodeo Company's bull Bad Medicine. Bad Medicine is not a particularly "bad" bull, with a bull score for his only out of 2008 barely over 30. If the world champion Caminhas that was in Oklahoma last week shows up he should cover this bull and make it look like practice, and probably end up with a reride option. But we will have to wait and see because Caminhas can be two very different riders.

Our current World race leader, and the only man to officially cover Tom Teagues Bones bull, JB Mauney has Poison Oak, also from Corey and Horst. Poison Oak gets ridden a fair amount of the time, but not for overly high scores. However his bull ratings have gone up as he has gotten older. And with the way Mauney loves to spur, this could be the bull's first actually decent score.

Then there is the other man to, unofficially as he slapped, ride Bones, Matt Bohon. Bohon has Water Moccasin from Julio Moreno Bucking Bulls. On paper he is the best of the three bulls, covered just twice with a bull score over 42. However, he's also dusted Bohon once before. So this is Bohon's chance to get even and put a score on the board. Bohon is riding that rush from covering Bones even though they took the score off the stats. So I am hoping this will be a good one for him.

Colorado man Kody Lostroh has the awesome bull Encore from Jeff Robinson/ Anchor Bull Company. He and this sweet spinning black bull have already come together once before for a near 90.00 ride. I am hoping he can do it again, and maybe put together a go round win at the same time!

Mighty Mike White has his hands full and then some with his draw for tonight in Big Bend/ Flying 5 Rodeo Co.'s bull Firebird. Firebird has been around for 3 years now, and has consistently bucked off his riders, with bull scores of right around 45.00. He did get covered twice last year, but both times it was by Jarrod Craig, who seems to have this bulls number. So we'll have to see if White, who is riding really well can get by him. With how conservative scores have been through the early portion of this season this could be a high ride for the night.

That's all I have time for now. If I missed your favorite, swing on by the PBR's website and check out all 40 draws.

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How sad is it that I can never watch the entire event cause I fall asleep!