Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lostroh Picks Up Second Win of the Season, Moves Back up into Second in the World

California is good to Colorado's Kody Lostroh. First he won in Fresno, when he covered Troubador for the so far highest marked ride of the season. Then, last night, he won Anaheim. This time by covering a bull named Beer Goggles, yes that is what I said, Beer Goggles. His owners at Don Kish Bucking Bulls are apparently Neil McCoy fans. Kody also covered Wrangler Big Rig and Encore. His combined three bull total put him in just a point and a quarter ahead of Australia's Brendon Clark.

Clark is having one of his better seasons in my opinion. He seems to be staying healthier, and be riding more consistently than the last couple years. Right now he is sitting 18th in the world standings. In Anaheim's short go he picked Berger & Struve's bull Say I Won't Gunner which gave him a 90.25 score and third in the go round. This is an awesome young bull who, while he gets ridden relatively often, has a bull rating of just barely less than 45.00. Put together that 90.25 with his round one score of 86.25 on The Captain (Jeff Robinson Bucking Bulls) and round two score of 86.50 on EBOE (Sis and Stan's Bucking Bulls) and he slid in ahead of Oklahoma's own Austin Meir.

The current world number three chose the Don Kish bull Scoundrel for his short go match up. Riden often Scoundrel's bull rating is just over 43. They came together for an 88.25, but it was enough with the 87.00 aboard Smokey (Diamond G) and his 80.25 aboard Big Rig (Flying Rafter Z Rodeo) to get him in ahead of the only other man to ride three, Canada's Aaron Roy.

Roy had a rough weeekend score wise. His first round draw, Hard Tough (Big Bend, Flying 5 Rodeo), only got him a 77.50, and his second draw Dirty Deal (Don Kish) was an 83.75. Then there was his short go bull, War Zone (Corey and Horst), who while not a bad bull by any means, was not the best one in the pen either. That ride was only worth a 86.75. But still three scores is better than two.

Rounding out the top five was the Rookie of the Year contender Skeeter Kingsolver. He bucked off his bull, Bring It (Flying U Cindy Rosser), but went on to ride Wolf Tickets (Don Kish) in the second round for a tie for 2-4(87.75) which was enough to get him back for the short go. Where he selected the fantastic, rarely ridden All In (Berger/Naccarato/Struve). This bull dusted Guilherme Marchi last year, and has in previous seasons dusted other top riders more than once. For a young guy like Kingsolver still so new to the BFTS to cover him for a go round win is phenomenal in my opinion and shows us what this young gun will be capable of once he really settles in and gets comfortable.

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