Friday, July 10, 2009

The Last Of Them...Who Can Guess What I Enjoyed Yesterday?

Based on my several posts worth of pictures...Who can guess roughly what I did yesterday? Mom and family are exempt!


lisa said...

Ok, not fair you should of told us about this!!!

The Wife said...

Let's see, maybe a John Deere tractor show? The pink was is so cute!

Anonymous said...

i went to canandaigua...i know b/c we went on saturday...but after about 15 minutes of started to rain..we walked around quickly, decided we'd seen enough, since it was raining even more now...and left...shortly after we POURED!...torrential downpour! WINDY...crappy day!

so i guess you picked out the best day to go :)

i've got some the exact same picures...especially the pink one!..that was different!

jan said...

Uh...a few more hints and I think I'll get it.

he pink tractor is classic!!!

Paintsmh said...

Aunt Lisa, sorry, a buddy of mine was going and asked me to tag along and keep him company. If I had known you would want to go, I would have let you know.

Wife, a big huge ginormous JD Show. All antiques. It was phenomenal!

Anon, yes yes you got it! It was sunny for us, we went Thursday. Not very busy either.

Jan, yes it is isn't it? The lady driving it later was even completely dressed in pink!