Monday, July 13, 2009

We Have a Name!

First off thank you to everyone who put names in. Believe me I am grateful. We always save whatever ones don't come out of the hat for other babies.

Second off this morning I scribbled everything onto little pieces of paper and stuck them in my hat (its a pretty small hat they were falling on the floor everywhere). Then Mom pulled the winning name out of the hat.


Congratulations to my Grandmother (who can inform Grandfather his names were voided from this drawing lol) who submitted the name Maureen. Baby girl will be Maqua-Kil Dixies Maureen-RC. I think it really fits her too.

There are many more calves coming in the next couple months. Keep checking back as there is sure to be another go round!


The Wife said...

Congrats to Grandmother!

DayPhoto said...

And now you have lots of names to choose from!