Monday, November 01, 2010

The New Boy

I know I have been lax to the extreme in posting. Busy life gets in the way sometimes. New job which involves a bit more travel than I ever really wanted. And now I have another "new" distraction.

Meet Tyler. They told me his registered name but danged if I can remember it. Titan something. We first saw him a week ago Saturday. This Saturday he came "home" with me. At present he is at the boyfriends Aunt's neighbors with their retired saddle gelding. Soon as his shots are done he is going to move to a boarding stable across the river. Board's not cheap but Im not living at home either so not much choice.

Tyler at his old home.

Yankee on left Tyler on right



lisa said...

He looks like my Annie that is for sure!

vivian said...

so lovey.i like them very much.

Benji - Passionate about Margaret River said...

He looks lovely. How is Tyler now, 6 months on? What breed is he, as round us in Margaret River we have mostly Australian Stock Horses.

Paintsmh said...

Tyler is an American Paint. He's doing great, has been moved down to the dairy farm as I am hard pressed to make the 20 mile drive to feed him from the farm some days. He is a big baby in the stall but even though he is 26 he is a handful and then some. Fun as heck though thanks for stopping :)