Friday, December 10, 2010

Frozen Tundras of the North

Today I am heading to Lacona. The company I work for has one farm in that area. Good people who still use bucket milkers. One of my favorite cats, Tux, came from them. He was dropped at their farm shortly after I started my job with National Farmers. I have since fallen in love with him. I was offered a different tom cat and told them when I came up again I'd bring a carrier. Naturally that cat got hit by a car the day after I left. Since I had the cat carrier with me they told me any cat but their daughters house cat was ok to take.

Well Mr. Tux took any decision I had out of my hands by wrapping his paws around my boots and refusing to let go. I scooped his little black and white self up and he immediately snuggled in and went to sleep.

Mom isnt the biggest fan of non-yellow or calico or combinations there of cats. However Tux has got everyone liking him now. He plays with strings like a kitten. Gotta feed hay? Watch your feet because a black and white bomb shell will be latching ahold of the baling twine and trying to run away with it.

The house cat, Cleo, has had kittens by the other tom cat that I wanted. He was a 3/4 Siamese that the husbands sister had given them. She had a cat...Who had kittens...Which she didnt want. I get to take two of the kittens home with me when they are ready to leave their momma who is a long haired poof of a gray and white and tabby cat. Totally loveable. Their 5 year old carts her around like a purse. Its cute as heck.

Well I am off to freeze my butt. My boss likes to run the AC despite the nasty weather we are experiencing. Oh well that is what long johns, wool socks, insulated Carolina work boots, Carhartt jackets, and heavy hats and gloves are for.


threecollie said...

So take the carrier again today...and don't forget your camera.

vivian said...

good job.keeping.