Sunday, October 16, 2011

OHM Sale

Went to the OHM semen sale Friday night. I think everyone was asleep by the time we got there. Wayne from Ridgedale holsteins was calling bids and wow were the bulls going dirt cheep. I missed some of the semen I was interested in but it worked out very nicely in my favor in the end.

First semen I bid on went over what I wanted to pay. Really good bull and I lost the only daughter I had off of him, but I just couldn't see spending what they were getting for it.

Next bull on the fly sheet was Regancrest Dundee. I had one unit in the tanks already but I was hording it. THere is no guarantee when you service a cow that you will get a pregnancy much less a heifer. I really didn't want to use my only unit and not get a calf. Last night I got 5 more units for $18 a straw. Now I can use him and better my odds of actually getting a small black and white critter on the ground.

I bid on a few others on the list but I really was looking at three other lots that I either had daughters off of, had always wanted daughters off of and hadn't been able to afford the prices, or were new that I was very intrested in seeing what they were going to do and wanting to get a jump on the first crop hitting the ground.

Second lot I bought was Carnation Counselor. He's definitely a golden oldie. Born before me in 1982 he was a S-W-D Valiant son off a Round Oak Rag Apple Elevation he sired big strappy daughters with nice little udders and a fancy style that is hard to beat. I've wanted to use him since before my Dixie cow died almost 9 years ago. I think I will use him on her daughter. However he is one of the reasons I say people were asleep as I only paid $20 a unit. Two years ago when I bid on him he went for almost a hundred.

Last bull I managed to buy was Strouder Morty. A Formation son he makes phenomanal daughters. Ninety percent of the auction goers must have been asleep because I only paid 8 dollars for him...

Went back yesterday to try to buy a beautiful Ked Juror daughter, not even a month old she sold following her big black stylish 2 yr old dam. Alas I don't have the money to spend $800 bucks on a brand new baby. Maybe next time I'll be the lucky one when the gavel bangs...Not that the auctioneer actually used one but hey it works :)

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