Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Six Hundred Already...

Miles that is. Three fifty monday and two fifty yesterday. Looking at another two hundred plus mile day today, and tomorrow. This morning after barn chores I am headed up to the Saratoga and Washington county area. I have some high counts and such to attend to up that way.

Tomorrow I am hoping to set up a meeting in Sidney Center with a potential producer. And then at night is the annual farm bureau board meeting.

Then Friday I am planning a light day, and a work in the cow barn afternoon if all goes well. I want to get some of the cob webs swept down before winter. And Friday night is the OHM club semen sale. The man and I are going to that if all goes well. I'm desperately hoping for some good deals on some sires I've been looking at using.

Oh and tonight I have to go get hay for the equines. At least the farmer I get my feed from is always good for a chat and it is nice to catch up with him.


Mappy said...

That farmer, if he is who I think you are talking is a Really good person!!

Paintsmh said...

If it is the one that is very near you with delightful but very heavy baleage then yes. And yes he is, I tend to get in trouble at home because we talk too long. Yesterday was bulls of today and yester year with a combination of upcoming auctions. Always a delight. Its a good thing Jade didn't go with me or I'd have been there for a week instead of just a few hours :)